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Hello ! 

I’m Rohini Singh, a systems-minded user researcher and strategist with a fervour for building impactful products.


I lead collaborative teams with diverse skill sets to create a treasured value for users, businesses, and our ecosystem as a whole.

Currently @ Spotify

Selected work


A research driven journey towards high-quality data and increased developer productivity

Taking the stress out of servicing appointments with a single, forward-thinking, full-service app.


Understanding the work-environment mental models of NM Technologists to enhance product usability, learnability and efficiency while reducing health risks.


Comprehending India’s emotional journey from preparing to sipping a cup of tea to create a device that offers an automated cup of joy.

Kochi mentro logo_edited.png

Exploring current journeys and bottlenecks in the boat-jetty transport system to create seamless and unforgettable travel experiences.


Uncovering Indian mindsets regarding home cleaning, their perceptions of robotic home cleaners and the roadblocks leading to slow adoption, to create a product placement strategy.

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